Photography Training/Mentor Sessions. ONE TO ONE SESSIONS CAN BE PURCHASED,   I run sessions like I do my shoots, I DON’T REALLY STICK TO EXACT TIME, in other words a session could amount to a few hours!!, which includes All phases of Photography, Camera use, Lightroom and Photoshop use, Actual shooting, in the field,  the way I do it. I would be instructing the way I see Photography, Simple stuff up through Technical stuff and what I have learned over the last 17+ years. With these basics then its up to you to build your own method.  Click on Session Outline below for teaching outline.

Different Packages available for Novice to More Advanced!

  1. Learn your camera! FULL DAY OF TRAINING $175, • Learn your camera’s functions*Student must have command of their own camera!

  2. • Get off “Automatic” and use your creativity to the fullest!

    • Understand Composition

    • Understand Light

    • Improve your photographic technical and artistic skills

    • Take better shots every tim

  3. 1-2-1 Photography Training,  $175 for Full Day of Training

    One-2-one learn better learn quicker!

    • Learn Anything Photography related

  4. Full Training on Landscape Photography for one day, $175

  5. Full training on Portrait Photography for one day, $175

  6. Full training on Photoshop, Lightroom, Editing, one day,  $175